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    About College of Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Inner Mongolia Agricultural University    

    The collegeofMechanical & Electrical EngineeringofInner Mongolia Agricultural University,founded in 1960, has established the educational levels offering bachelor degree, master degree, doctoral degree andperusingpost-doctoral research. Currently, the college has one post-doctoral research station on agricultural engineering, one first-level doctor degree programon agricultural engineering, 3 second-level doctor degree programs on Agricultural Mechanization Engineering, Agricultural Electrification and Automation, as well as Agricultural Biological Environment and Energy Engineering. The firsttwo disciplines among these3 second-level doctor degree programswere confirmed as the Key Discipline of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Meanwhile, the college also possesses one first-level master degree program on Mechanical Engineering, and 7 master degree programs on Agricultural Mechanization Engineering, Agricultural Electrification and Automation, Agricultural Biological Environment and Energy Engineering, Mechanical Design and Theory, Mechatronic Engineering, Mechanical Manufacture and Automation as well as Vehicle Engineering. The discipline of Agricultural Engineering also offers the master program in engineering and the discipline of Agricultural Mechanization Engineering offers master degree to those majoring in Agricultural Extension and to the college teachers pursuing their further studies.    

    The college provides6 bachelor degree programs, including Agricultural Mechanization & Automation, Machine Design Manufacture & Automation, Industrial Design, Agricultural Electrification&Automation, Electrical Engineering&Automation and Vehicle Engineering. Among them,theprogramsofAgricultural Mechanization&Automation, Machine Design Manufacture&Automation, Agricultural Electrification&Automation as well as Electrical Engineering&Automationwereconfirmed as the brand specialty of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. There are 8 quality courses, 3 teaching teams and one Industrial Innovation talent team of Inner Mongolia. The college has 6 teaching group, namely Agricultural Mechanization, Electrification 、Automation, Mechanical basis and Industrial design, Mechanical Manufacture and Vehicle Engineering, 9 off-campus base for internship, one teaching practice factory, one driving training center as well as 4 research institutes, they are Institute of Agricultural EngineeringEquipment,Institute of Lake & Environmental Engineering,Instituteof New Energy Technology andInstituteof Animal Husbandry Engineering.    

    The college has 100teachers and staff including 11doctoral supervisors, 29 master student supervisors, 23 professors, 29 associate professors and 6 senior experimentalists. 2 teachers are heralded as the distinguished teachers and 3 up-an-coming teachers of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. In recent years, the college has hosted and completed over 80 research projects of provincial, ministerial-level and above, obtained a first-class and a second-class National Scientific and Technological Progress Awards and 16 awards for scientific and technological advancement of provincial, ministerial-level and above. What’s more, the college has more than 400 papers published in the domestic and international journals, and over 100 papers have beenindexed by SCI, EI and other important international index tools. Focusing on the research directions on“Grassland & LivestockHusbandryMechanization”,“AgriculturalMachineryin Frigid&Aid Regions”as well as“AgriculturalIntelligentTechnology&Equipment”, the school has been adopting the approach of integrating“Learning, Research and Production”, achieved notable economic, social and ecological benefits.    

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